The Internet is your oyster

The internet is amazing eh? It’s made the whole world much easier. Or has it.

I need to buy the Boy a new car seat.

If this was 20 years ago, or even 15 the process would go something like this:

  1. Decide to buy new car seat.
  2. Drive to out of town retail park at next convenient date.
  3. Scan the shelves for 5 minutes.
  4. Ask a sales assistant which ones are for your child’s age/weight/size.
  5. Ignore advice as sales assistant is 17 and has literally no idea.
  6. Read a few labels then plump for the car seat that is not ‘Disney’ branded, is gender neutral and has 25% off.
  7. Drive home.
  8. Job’s a good ‘un.

Today, the process goes something like this:

  1. Decide to buy new car seat.
  2. Open google browser and type in car seat.
  3. Open several tabs including but not limited to, Mothercare, Kiddicare, Halfords, Argos etc.
  4. Start searching on Mothercare website.
  5. Get bamboozled by choices.
  6. Wonder what car seat ‘stage’ child is at.
  7. Google ‘car seat stages’.
  8. Find random article and start reading it.
  9. Realise article is american and does not apply.
  10. Google ‘car seat stages uk’.
  11. Find out more than you ever need to know about car seat stages.
  12. Go back to Mothercare website.
  13. Realise that they have a ‘handy guide’ to car seat stages.
  14. Spend at least 30 minutes trying to work out the best one to buy.
  15. Finally pick one.
  16. Then look up make and model on all the other websites that you opened.
  17. Find a bargain on Kiddicare!
  18. Put item in ‘basket’ then proceed to checkout.
  19. Fail to login in to website.
  20. Try three different email addresses and password combinations.
  21. Choose to reset password.
  22. Log into webmail account that you rarely use.
  23. Wait for reset password link.
  24. Reset password and log into Kiddicare.
  25. Update account settings as it has your old address in it.
  26. Finally get to confirmation page.
  27. ‘Item out of stock’. WTF it was in stock 5 minutes ago!
  28. Close Kiddicare.
  29. Try to find car seat at the same price somewhere else.
  30. 10 minutes later, look on Amazon.
  31. Aarrgghh, the reviews are very mixed.
  32. Get sucked into reading dozens of reviews.
  33. “The covers are hard to get off!”
  34. “The seat does not recline” (do I need it too?)
  35. Other customers are suggesting another brand.
  36. Search for this in Amazon.
  37. Reviews are good!
  38. Price not so good 😦
  39. Google search for this car seat to try to find it at a better price.
  40. Spend 5 – 10 minutes doing this.
  41. Find the car seat on slightly obscure website.
  42. Should I trust it?
  43. Erm no…
  44. Decide to spend the extra and not waste any more time.
  45. Attempt to buy car seat on Argos.
  46. See steps 18 – 26.
  47. Confirmation page informs you that the car seat is Stage 2, you need Stage 1!!!
  48. Damn Amazon customers and their bright ideas.
  49. Start again.
  50. Get really confused.
  51. Start a spreadsheet with features, prices, pros and cons.
  52. Realise you have gone mad.
  53. Give up.

Hooray for the internet!

Earworm: Goodbye Sun cbeebies tune
Different dinner score: 2



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  1. Tink's Mum says:

    Ha ha, I love this! Totally true! If I don’t have at least five tabs open for different shops when buying something – even just a new drink cup or something, then I feel I haven’t done my research! I remember the days of flicking through the Argos catalogue, noting down the number and trotting off to buy – simples!

    Liked by 1 person

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