Back to School

Four years ago, my daughter started school. Four years and one week ago, my daughter finally stopped wearing nappies. She started school with a full statement of special educational needs and a full time teaching assistant but I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. For her or for me. I spent a long time…

A restless weekend

In which we try to burn down a Grade One listed property, ruin a guided tour and nearly kill a cat.

The healing powers of Bruno Mars

On the whole today was a good day. But the sanity crunch point came at 4pm when I picked Squidge up from baby school. He wanted to stay and we had to go. Oh yes, full on meltdown. Crying, shouting, hitting. Huge globs of snot gravitating towards his upper lip. I picked up the emotional…

Am I hot or not?

I was lying in the bath this morning feeling a little repulsed by my giant jelly belly and I couldn’t help but hear the song ‘Keep Young & Beautiful’ over and over in my head. I had no idea of the lyrics except for that horrendously misogynistic chorus refrain “it’s your duty to be beautiful”….