A restless weekend

In which we try to burn down a Grade One listed property, ruin a guided tour and nearly kill a cat.


I’m a Mum…Get Me Out of Here!

What is it about holidays that brings out the utter chaos in our family? We started planning this trip about 4 months ago, booking flights and accommodation in a fairly organised way…then ‘operation getaway’ began in earnest about 6 weeks ago.

Rules of the Pool

Here’s what I have learnt about pool etiquette since having children….. Always ensure that you make the rules known at the very beginning of the holiday. No running, keep your hat on, keep the noise down, don’t go near the water without a grown up etc. This way the kids know exactly how to wind…

Mum on the (school) run

Don’t mess with a mum on the school run. I try so hard every day but I’m always late. Mainly because I insist on trying to cram another five minutes work in rather than jump in the car. I hate being late but I abhor being early. At my daughter’s school it’s like the old…