Songs for my daughter – 1

I find music an unbelievably powerful force. I can’t just stick on something in the background. I get far too involved.  Music gets inside me, burrows under my skin and penetrates the deepest recesses of my soul.


School days are the best?

There was a recent thread on mumsnet started by a teenager who thought that most parents wouldn’t have a clue what goes on in school these days. Here’s what dogsnotsprogs said: 1) A boy (think this was year 10/11 so 15/16 years old) came into the classroom at lunch with a vibrator/dildo and was waving…


The other day in a box of old letters and photos i found a Mars bar wrapper that I had saved in 1987 which had the birthday of a boy I fancied as the sell by date. Yes, really. I threw it out. But that’s about it. There will be no cathartic bonfire. I still…