Back to School

Four years ago, my daughter started school. Four years and one week ago, my daughter finally stopped wearing nappies. She started school with a full statement of special educational needs and a full time teaching assistant but I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. For her or for me. I spent a long time…

I’m a Mum…Get Me Out of Here!

What is it about holidays that brings out the utter chaos in our family? We started planning this trip about 4 months ago, booking flights and accommodation in a fairly organised way…then ‘operation getaway’ began in earnest about 6 weeks ago.

Rules of the Pool

Here’s what I have learnt about pool etiquette since having children….. Always ensure that you make the rules known at the very beginning of the holiday. No running, keep your hat on, keep the noise down, don’t go near the water without a grown up etc. This way the kids know exactly how to wind…

Situation Vacant

We have an exciting opportunity for you to join a small and dynamic organisation. Vacancies exist in the following roles: Arbitrator Botanist Catering manager Chauffeur

Songs for my daughter – 2

I’m currently reading a book called Neurotribes – the synposis of which is ‘ What is autism: a devastating developmental disorder, a lifelong disability, or a naturally occurring form of cognitive difference akin to certain forms of genius?’ I want to believe it’s the latter, or at least that the ability to think and behave…

Songs for my daughter – 1

I find music an unbelievably powerful force. I can’t just stick on something in the background. I get far too involved.  Music gets inside me, burrows under my skin and penetrates the deepest recesses of my soul.